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Client Router Web Server
Client Router Web Server
MD5: 6c22f9fd8993e9463df1f7d64efdbb2b MD5: fd834e3c6cce4a3967f71b8ce4896f79 MD5: 74f5b177bc31da271a0243882e98c17a

Join groups, share, search, browse, download
Version 1.04
Group clients, control program flow, transfer data
Version 1.04
Transfer data through a web hosting provider
Version 1.04

*Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or higher

Believe in the Right to Share

The right to share files online has been under assault by governments, corporations, and others who fear digital self expression.

People have been persecuted, fined, and even imprisoned for simply sharing data electronically.

As a result, we're losing our fundamental rights to privacy and personal beliefs.

demonsaw is a file sharing application which allows you to share your data securely.

It's designed to protect your anonymity and hide what you're sharing.

Your IP address is never revealed to the world.

Secure, Anonymous, Free, Everywhere.