• Secure
    • Your data is encrypted
    • The most secure info-sharing application ever created
    • Multiple layers of military-strength crypto
    • Adaptive, modular, customizable security
    • Keep your secrets safe from governments and corporations
  • Anonymous
    • Your identity is protected
    • Decentralized cloud-based network
    • Messages and data are always isolated
    • Your IP address is never shared
    • No logs, no tracking, no installs
  • darkblurbg
    • Your wallet is happy
    • My gift to the hacking community
    • No money, no ads
    • No honeypots, no tricks
    • No lies, no bullshit
  • darkblurbg
    • Your choice is respected
    • Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi
    • GUI, command-line interfaces
    • Desktop, laptop, tablet, web server
    • A million info-sharing networks
Secure, Anonymous, Free, Everywhere
Welcome to the future of info-sharing

Version 1.12

Version 1.5